So … I got in a massive car accident today. I was driving my wife’s minivan. I got t-boned by a car I never saw coming, and I got crushed. Witnesses argued whether my minivan rolled two or three times. Seriously. It was awful. One second I’m driving and then, out of nowhere I am flying and flipping.

When I got hit my thoughts were, “I am going to die. There’s no way I live through this. God, save me!” The next thing I knew my car landed and stopped. I was trapped in the car because ever door was un-openable. So I busted out the rest of a window and climbed out.

I realize some will be cynical, but I believe God saved me. The ambulance and firetruck guys seemed pretty amazed I was alive. And I wasn’t just alive, I walked away from it. I’m a little sore, and I have a scratch on my right leg, but that’s it.

The part that sucks is the car is beyond totaled. The good news is that it had like 220,000 miles on it. The bad news is that we were planning on driving it to 400,000. And now we have to buy a minivan and add a car payment to our budget.

If you’re willing to pray, please pray for the other driver, who seemed fine physically but was very disoriented and went to the hospital. (I refused, had to go home and watch the Dodgers.) And pray that somehow this doesn’t create major car insurance issues for us. Thanks.