Pray For Parties

Today we have our second round of Block Parties, one from 11 to 1, and one from 3 to 5.

Our focus is to serve and reach out to people who work on and live around the Vegas Strip. But it’s also clear that God has called every Christ-follower to serve and reach out to their neighbors. So, as we work on strategies to minister to people on the Strip, we are throwing Block Parties in the neighborhoods in which we live. Not only is it a way to connect with our neighbors, but it’s also a way to connect our neighbors with our neighbors. Vegas is woefully lacking in community, and so it’s a way we can help out by creating a little.

This week we hung about 3,000 fliers on homes in the two neighborhoods. We’re also inviting friends. I know my wife and I may have about 17 people showing up today, and neither party is near where we live.

So please pray that lots of people come out, that they have a great time, and that they become interested in Verve, which will ultimately open them up to the life-changing love of God.