Restraining Order

I suck at restraint. Take me to a buffet, and I am going to EAT. Show me a person who needs some advice, I will morph into Dr. Phil. If I have to order a book on Amazon, I might as well order 10. Ask me about how our church, or the Dodgers, are doing, just sit down, ’cause it’s gonna be awhile. Would I like to super size that? Of course! Give me a choice of a 5 day or a 21 day cruise, I’m going for three weeks! There’s a good movie on TV, and it starts at midnight, so I’ll have to stay up till 2 a.m.? Who needs sleep?!

I could say that I’m extreme, or highly motivated, or intense, or passionate, orrrrr I could say that I suck at restraint. Today’s reading (Proverbs 23) says to “have the wisdom to show restraint.” And it gives all kinds of examples: Don’t eat too much food, don’t offer wisdom to a fool, don’t drink much wine, don’t sleep with women who are not your wife. And the thing it says to be extreme and highly motivated and intense and passionate about is … showing restraint. (Going so far as saying, “put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony.”)

So today I’m giving myself a restraining order, realizing that the only way I’ll actually change is through God’s Spirit and power. But I want to have the wisdom to show restraint. How about you?