Show Me the Treasure

So today’s reading (Psalm 110 & 111) has this verse that says “the Lord is gracious and compassionate.” And throughout the rest of this psalm we’re told over and over about how God has revealed His mighty works to us, the works of His hands, and how He has caused His wonders to be remembered.

Normally if someone asked me for examples of how God is gracious and compassionate, I would talk about His patience with us, His forgiveness of sins, how He provides for people. But this morning I started thinking that maybe God’s revealing who He is, and what He does, and making sure He and His deeds are remembered, maybe that’s about as gracious and compassionate as can be.

Why? Because if you have someone who is living in abject poverty, and have a treasure you can share with them, that will reverse their financial situation, the gracious and compassionate thing to do is show them and share it. And all of us are bankrupt without the treasure that is God, and so the gracious and compassionate thing for Him to do is to show Himself, and share Himself. And, thank God, that’s exactly what He’s done.