Sorry, You Lost Your Theater

Earlier I explained why we started thinking about leasing a permanent 24/7 space, which was not our original intention at all. If you missed it, you might want to read that.

But there’s another reason… I have a friend named Mark Batterson who has a church in D.C. called National Community Church. For 13 years they’ve met in a movie theater in Union Station, and then last week got the devastating news that the theater is closing and they are losing their meeting place. I can so relate, because Forefront started in a movie theater, and after four years we found out that we could no longer meet there. All of a sudden we had 800 people, and no where to meet.

That’s yet another reason we’re excited about the possibility of getting our own space. A 24/7 leased permanent space that won’t be subject to those kinds of problems. And that’s another reason we need your help. To get into the amazing space we have available to us, we need to build it out, and we are looking for 500 people who will each give $100 to help us with the money to do that. Will you become a Verve Venture Capitalist?