Success Is….

So two things from today’s reading (2 Timothy 2) that really jump out at me, especially in view of what we’re doing here in Vegas:

First, leaders releasing leaders releasing leaders. In verse 2 Paul tells Timothy to train up leaders, who are then to train up leaders. (And the beat goes on.) One of the ways we’re going to measure success at Verve is by leader to apprentice ratio. Success is a ratio of 1. Every leader should have someone they’re training up to become a leader. That’s mission critical in every church, but maybe even more so for us, being in transient Las Vegas, and having a dream of multiplying services until we have one on every day of the week.

Second, go all in (or don’t go in at all). Don’t know if you saw it, but last weekend there was a cover story in Parade Magazine (that comes in the Sunday paper) about whether America is spiritual. And they did research revealing that most everyone still believes in God, they just don’t think it’s extremely important. And about 40% consider themselves members of a church, but only about 17% actually attend church. In verses 3 – 7, we’re told that’s just not the way it works. God is not interested in people who are just interested in Him, He’s looking for people who are searching for Him. He wants people who are passionate about Him. Who realize He’s supreme, and the greatest treasure life has to offer, and Lord of life, and who live their lives accordingly. And that’s what we’ll teach people at Verve, even if it means having a smaller church. Success is growing people to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. Go all in, or don’t go in at all.