The Mystery

In today’s reading (1 Timothy 3), I think the “qualifications” listed in verses 1-12 for elders and deacons provide a great dashboard for us to use to evaluate ourselves. Where am I strong? What do I need God’s help to grow in?

But the phrase that got me was in verse 16, “the mystery of godliness is great.” I’m not an appreciator of mystery. When I see a magician, I’m trying to figure out how he does the tricks, and I usually can. My wife hates watching CSI type shows with me ’cause I can tell her within a few minutes who done it. I see surprise parties coming a mile away.

But the mystery of godliness is great. There are aspects of who God is and what He’s done for us and how everything is going to come together that are just unfathomable. And thank God for that. If someone with as small and dysfunctional a brain as me could figure it all out, it just really couldn’t be that good…