The Week In Brief(s) (10/4/09)

Every Sunday I’m sharing a recap on some of what happened that week. It will be quick (in brief) and I’ll write in my underwear (in briefs). Here ya go:

1. Last Sunday went to another local church, one that has a leased space kind of like what we’re hoping to get. The pastor was sick, so they showed a video of a Craig Groeschel message.

2. Last Sunday night at our Launch Team meeting we looked at Jesus’ calling of the first disciples, and what it means to follow Jesus. We also did some reviewing of the Block Parties we did, and some planning for the next round of them.

3. I spent quite a bit of my week talking and e-mailing and meeting with people who are interested in joining our Launch Team. About five of them. They’re coming through all kinds of weird connections. As I’ve said before, I want the “right people” more than lots of people, so I’m kind of going through a vetting process with each of them.

4. Also been talking to and checking references on someone who wants to do an internship with us next year. Looks like a great possibility. I’m excited.

5. Worked on getting our new database ready for us to use.

6. We’re working on the (probably three) Block Parties we’re throwing in two weeks.

7. We’re also preparing for the Mission Teams we have coming in two weeks, and then again four weeks later. (You should bring out a Mission Team from your church!)

6. Set contracts with some Vegas stations for radio ads we’re gonna do in February.

7. Still working out all the details to get the leasing space: contractor, architect, zoning issues, etc.

8. Soooo thankful for all the people who have become Verve Venture Capitalists by contributing $100 towards our costs to get into the leasing space. We still need about 350 people to join in. Would you please be one? Check out

9. Tonight we have a Launch Team Meeting, but for the first time it won’t be our whole Launch Team, as we now are offering a choice of two meetings for our people. The second meeting will be on Tuesday night. I think we’re gonna have a few new people on Tuesday.

10. We’re also changing the format of our meetings. We’ve been doing all different things, including a decent amount of strategizing, brainstorming, and vision casting. We’re gonna have a little less of that, as we’ll be spending most of our time studying through the life of Christ.


1. We’re looking for a part-time Children’s Pastor. Please pray that God provides the right person.

2. Please pray that we have 350 more people give $100, so we can raise all we need to get into the Leasing Space, and that all the other details fall into place.