Well, I Guess That’s True…

So about a month ago we started this Verve Venture Capitalists thing, where we’re praying that 500 people will give $100, to help make our dream of getting an amazing space just off the Strip to have church services, seminars, a food co-op, and more a reality.

And I get an e-mail sent to me as kind of a receipt for each person who gives. So I expected all of those receipts to be for $100, after all, we’re asking people to give $100. But a lot of the receipts started coming in for $200, and a few were for $300 or $400. And that confused me at first, but then people started explaining, and I got it…. It was a husband … and a wife … each contributing $100. A few people gave $100 each for the husband and wife, and their two kids.

And I thought … very cool! And I was extremely grateful, because 500 is a TON of people, and we need every single person we can to give! Want to be one of the 500? We need you! Or maybe your husband or wife, or kids want to become Verve Venture Capitalists? We need them! To learn more, or to give, go to www.verveventure.org.