Why I’m Doing This

Personally, I believe everything in the Bible. Not because I was taught to (I wasn’t), but because I have put it to the test, both academically and experientially. So I believe all of it, but there are very few verses that I believe more wholeheartedly than verses 15-17 in today’s reading (2 Timothy 3).

We’re told that the Bible can lead you to salvation in Jesus, and that it’s directly inspired by God, and that reading, knowing, and applying it is how to live life right.

All of the Bible is true, but that’s so true it’s ridiculous. And that’s why I personally think you’re crazy if you’re not reading the Bible everyday. I’m not saying you’re a “bad Christian” if you don’t read it everyday, I’m saying you’re crazy. Crazy like you don’t even really care about yourself. Because if you did, why in the world would you choose to miss out on something so great for you.

And that’s why I’m trying to use this blog to help people read the Bible everyday. It’s definitely not the cool thing to do with a blog, and I know I’ve lost readers because I do it, but who cares if I can just help some people to do one of the best things they can do for themselves and soak in the Bible everyday.