Willing to be Coached

One thing I just really don’t understand are people who aren’t willing to be coached and who won’t submit to leadership. Seems to me that one of God’s favorite qualities in people is humility, and if you don’t want to be coached and won’t follow leaders who are a little further along than you, that’s a serious humility issue.

One thing I did when I started this church was surround myself with coaching and leadership. I have a Church Planting Coach. Some think that’s strange, because I’m a Church Planting Coach, but I don’t know everything, so I need coaching.

I also have a Spiritual Mentor. Again, could be viewed as strange since I’m that to people, but it doesn’t mean I don’t need it too.

I also have a Management Team. Five guys I bring my big decisions to, and ask for wisdom and accountability from. This weekend my Management Team came into town to see what we’re doing first hand, and we met for a few hours. I debriefed, and asked for direction.

I thank God that He’s made me aware of my need for help, and that He’s provided it for me with so many great people.