40 Days

As of yesterday, we are now in the last 40 days of our campaign to find 500 people who are willing to give $100 each towards the build-out expenses of the awesome warehouse space we’re hoping to get just off the south end of the Strip. We’ll use this space for our services, our food co-op, seminars, support groups and, hopefully, community events (like art shows, comedy nights, a place for bands to rehearse, you name it).

We decided to limit the campaign to 100 days and 61 are gone. So we’re over half way through it, and not quite half way to our goal. And the progress has really slowed down. So, if there’s any way you, or your spouse, or your kid, or your friend, or your neighbor, or your dog, can give $100 and become a Verve Venture Capitalist, please check out www.verveventure.org.