Just about every Christian I know would say they wish Jesus was physically present wish us today. “If I could just see Him…” “If He was right here to tell me what to do…” “If He could just give me a hug…”

Well, there’s probably quite a bit of theological error there, but one clear thing is that Jesus says, in today’s reading (John 16), that it’s BETTER for us that He’s not here, because in His place we have the Holy Spirit who lives inside us. Why better? Well, probably part of it is that Jesus is outside of us while the Holy Spirit gets all up in there. You want intimacy? You want power? You want guidance? Inside is definitely better than outside.

But there’s more, and I don’t have time or space for it, but there’s a good book that just came out on this – Forgotten God, by Francis Chan. Check it out.