Block Party Description

Some have asked if I could describe the Block Parties we’re doing. They’re actually very simple and not that impressive…

  1. We put about 3,000 fliers are door knobs of homes surrounding a park, inviting people to come.
  2. Day of we arrive about one hour early to set up.
  3. We drive around the neighborhoods just before it starts blasting music and announcing, through a bullhorn that a party is about to start at the park, come on down!
  4. We have upbeat rock and pop music playing throughout the entire party.
  5. We have an MC who periodically announces that there is karaoke available, and occasionally someone will do karaoke. (It’s been more kids than adults.)
  6. We have water (with Verve labels), hot dogs, popcorn, snow cones, and cotton candy (all free).
  7. We have face painting and tattoos for kids.
  8. We have a huge Bounce House.
  9. We have corn hole.
  10. We have a couple of footballs and frisbees laying around.
  11. We have a watermellon eating contest after the midway point.
  12. There are (obviously) volunteers in charge of each of those things.
  13. At one or two points I get up and briefly (3 to 4 minutes) explain who we are and what we’re doing (starting a church) and the vision for our church (Church for people who don’t like church; No perfect people allowed; Love God/Love People) and point out an info table where they can pick up a biz size card with our web site address on it, and sign up to get a call or e-mail with more info.
  14. We break down.
  15. That’s it.