Bumper Sticker Faith

The funny thing about today’s reading (1 John 3) is that I’m pretty sure if you presented it to most Christians in America, but they didn’t realize it was out of the Bible, they would disagree with it. Right?

“No one who knows God keeps on sinning? What?! No, we’re not perfect, we’re just forgiven! Says it right there on my bumper sticker!

“We know we really know God if we love people, if our actions are loving towards them? If we hate anyone, then we don’t have the love of God? What?! No, it’s about faith, if you just believe in Jesus and you’ve said the prayer. Believe and receive, says it right there on my bumper sticker!

The bumper stickers lie. 1 John 3 says the tests to see if your faith is real is if you don’t keep sinning and if your love for people goes beyond feelings and takes action. But I will admit, that wouldn’t make a good bumper sticker.