Check This Out!

We did a demographic study of a five mile radius from the spot where we think we’re going to be having our services. There are about to be 270,000 people (!!) who live in that 5 mile radius.

So I did some research to find American cities with about 270,000 people. And I find … St. Paul, Minn and … Lexington, KY.

So I research: How many churches in each of those areas with populations of 270,000? These numbers are approximate, but they’re definitely very close to accurate:

  1. Lexington: 450 churches (for its 270,000 people)
  2. St. Paul: 664 churches (for its 270,000 people)
  3. A five mile radius from our spot: 15 churches (for its 270,000 people)

Wow! That’s reason number 4,212 to help us make this a reality by becoming a Verve Venture Capitalist!!