Contagious Guerrilla Love

Read an article about why Florida head coach Urban Meyer wants to stay at Florida rather than coach at Notre Dame. The article shares details of an press conference Meyer had recently, and how emotional Meyer got when asked about Tim Tebow, the quarterback of his team and a Christ-follower:

Meyer paused one more time, composing himself after he was asked about the impact Tebow has had on him. Tebow inspired Meyer to take his family on a mission trip to Central America.

“The one thing about Tim is his unselfishness, and his mission outside of college football is unparalleled as far as I’m concerned,” said Meyer, holding back tears. “The impact that he’s made, it’s almost like selflessness is now a cool thing. Kids realizing to give back and if you can brighten someone’s day, you do it. The impact that he’s made on this team is phenomenal and as coaches. It’s very noticeable behind closed doors, more than probably what you guys see. It’s a significant impact.”