Fool, Meet Sluggard.

After today’s reading (Proverbs 26), I’m thinking, “Man, I REALLY don’t want to be a fool or a sluggard. Dang!” I guess I’d say a fool, according to this passage, is someone who doesn’t care about, or listen to, or who mishandles wisdom. And a sluggard, according to this passage, is someone who is lazy, or makes excuses for not doing what should be done, or sleeps too much.

The weird thing is that I wouldn’t think fools and sluggards would get this much coverage in the Bible. I mean we’re not talking about thieves and murderers. Right? Mostly they just hurt themselves, not others. Right?

Well, apparently not. Apparently, God considers being a fool or sluggard kind of a big deal. And my guess is that few of us are thieves or murderers, but quite a few of us might qualify as fools or sluggards. So maybe we’re not quite as good as we think we are. And maybe we need to do more repenting and changing than we realize….