Got To Laugh

There are a lot of church planters who read this blog. And we have had a lot of things go our way with our church plant here in Vegas and I’ve shared some of that. And maybe some of you are like, “Don’t things ever go bad for you like they do for us?”

This morning was one of those days. You had to be there but… I basically had to set up everything by myself, which was not fun. Then we couldn’t get electricity to our room, so it was like a couple minutes before we started and the coffee wasn’t started and no music was on (NEVER have people come into a room without music).

Then … two unexpected new people showed up. The problem was that many of our people have switched to Monday nights, and four of our regular Sunday people didn’t come, and like six of our regulars came late. So when these two new people showed up, they almost out-numbered “us.” It was embarrassing. There were a variety of other small factors that made it bad.

There was nothing I could do but laugh. I will tell you, for the sake of full disclosure, that when I started Forefront eleven years ago I did not laugh at stuff like this. Maybe the years gives you a bigger perspective? Or maybe I’ve just lost a lot of brain cells over the years…