How Can You Live In Vegas?

Since moving here, a lot of people have asked, “How can you live in Vegas?!” And, “How can you raise your kids in Vegas?!” “There’s just so much sin! And so much temptation!” The answer is found in today’s reading (1 John 4).

Yeah, there’s a lot of sin, but the answer is love. God is love, so we rely on His love, and we live in and live out His love. The Jesus response to sin is not condemnation, but compassion. And it’s not to run from or avoid it, but to move towards it. How else can there be redemption and transformation?

And yes, there is a lot of temptation, but the answer is power. The One who is in us is greater than whatever is out there. And because we have God, because we have His power coursing inside, because we’ve been marked and changed by His love, there is no fear.