Like Dreaming

Today’s reading (Psalm 126, 127 & 128) features three more psalms. The first, Psalm 126, was the basis for the tenth anniversary message I gave at Forefront two years ago.

I like Psalm 126 because it doesn’t ignore the reality that life is hard. It starts by mentioning that these people had been held captive in another country, later it talks about ‘sowing in tears’ and ‘going out weeping.’

But I love Psalm 126 because it gives us a picture of what it can be like when God isn’t just someone you believe in and try to include in your day a little, but is the center point of your life and you allow Him to write your story. It’s like dreaming. It’s like laughing. It’s like singing songs of joy. And it really is.

Is that your experience? That despite some crappy parts (and sometimes because of those crappy parts) life with God is filled with dreaming and laughing and joy? If not, maybe your not allowing God to write your story?