No Debating

Some of us have been journeying through the New Testament together for a year and are in the home stretch, as we enter into the last book of the Bible with today’s reading (Revelation 1). Now I’m not someone who likes to speculate or debate. In fact, I hate it. If I can’t know something for sure, black and white, no debating it, then I’m just not interested. And there is quite a bit in Revelation that is confusing or up for interpretation. So personally, I prefer to focus on the things I can be sure about.

Like in today’s reading, there are some things we read about Jesus that are just as solid as concrete. He’s the “faithful witness,” the “firstborn from the dead,” the “ruler of the kings of the earth.” He “loves us” and has “freed us.” And He’s worthy of our worship as the “First and the Last,” the “Living One,” who is alive forever and holds the keys to life and Hades.

Is that kinda weird? Yeah, maybe. But is it true? Yes. And is it life changing? Absolutely.