Not Proud, But Grateful

The second psalm of today’s reading (Psalm 137 & 138) is written by David, who seems to be one of God’s favorites. And if you asked me what God liked about David, I’d say one of the things was probably that he was so bold. He was bold in fighting Goliath, bold in the way he worshipped God.

And so it’s fascinating here when David says to God, “You made me bold.” It’s like even the thing that God loved about David was given to David by God. So David had nothing to be proud about, and a whole lot to be grateful for.

By the way, you may not realize it, but you’re one of God’s favorites too. So if you don’t feel so great about yourself, well, you should. And the things that God loves about you, He gave those to you. So if you’re feeling kind of proud, well, you shouldn’t.