The Condition of Your Flocks

Some people would say I’m cheap. In fact, I seem to get made fun of for it. But I would say I’m careful. You see, I grew up in the Great Depression when… Okay, I grew up 50 years after the Great Depression, but I wanted to use that as an excuse.

Actually, part of my excuse is the Bible. Like in today’s reading (Proverbs 27) where we’re instructed to pay careful attention to the condition of our flocks. And lest you think that’s just a good tip for farmers, the following verses make it clear that it’s talking about your finances, basically saying if you don’t pay attention and be careful, you will run out of your finances.

That’s why I spend hours and hours examining how we spent our money for the year, and then crafting a budget for the following year. And why we very rarely go out to eat, and why we spend almost nothing on Christmas gifts. You might call it cheap, but I’m just trying to make sure I always have enough to feed my family and to nourish my servant girls.