Too Human For Human

Though the Bible was inspired by God, still He chose to write it through human beings, and that provides some very human moments. We see a few in today’s reading (John 20).

In verses 3-4, John describes Peter and “the other disciple” running for Jesus’ empty tomb, and makes sure to note that the “other disciple” got there first. The humor is that John was the other disciple. We know that from the first few verses of the chapter. How human is it of John, and what a guy, that he wants to make sure we know that he’s faster than Peter?!

But then, in verse 9, John admits that he and Peter still, even after all the time with and teaching from Jesus, did not understand that Jesus was supposed to rise from the dead. And I LOVE THAT. It’s part of what makes the Bible ring true. You’d think that the writers would want to put themselves in the best possible light, but they don’t. They (as John does here) present themselves as human, as very flawed humans. Why would anyone choose to make themselves look bad like that? Well, only if they were more concerned with being honest and accurate.