Yesterday’s Block Parties

We threw two more Block Parties yesterday. We have done 4 over the past two months, with attendances of 46, 60, 60, and 106 – all of them having a lot of people interested in our church.

Yesterday we had 111 and 140. (The 140 number is not accurate. It was more than that, but counting was difficult, and I’d rather have a number that’s less than reality than more.)

There were also 35 sign-ups on our “Want More Information About Verve?” sheet. Basically no one comes to these alone, so each of those sign-ups represents a couple or a family, so like two to six people per sign-up. I would guess the 35 sign-ups make up about 120 people. Great conversations with people about the church happening all over…

Both parties had a lot of energy and were a lot of fun.
And it was great to get to serve people and bring some community to their neighborhoods. And … a huge part of the reason we had so many people and the parties went so well is because of the two Mission Teams we had in town. So thank you to them (!!) and … we’d love to have a team from your church that wants to come out to Vegas and have fun working hard to help launch our church.

A few people have asked me to describe the Block Parties, so I’ll do that tomorrow.