A Conspiracy Theory

The picture to the right is a microwave oven from 1969. They were too expensive for people to own back then, but soon the price came down and today over 90% of American households have one. So question: Is that progress or … Satan?

Am I kidding? Well, not exactly. In today’s reading (Revelation 13) we learn that what Christians need to make it is … “patient endurance.” But with the invention of the microwave, and the internet, and remote controls, and smart phones, I think you could call the last 30 or 40 years, “The age when Americans were trained to not have patient endurance.” And, of course, we’re fools if we think that doesn’t have ramifications for how we approach our spiritual lives.

Does that mean we’re in trouble? Yeah, I think so. So what should we do about it? Well, I don’t know, I’m not that smart, I just point out the problems…