Because God Loves It

Every night we pray together as a family, then I tell each of my kids to keep praying on their own. Most of the time I’ll ask, “You know why you need to pray?” And my answer is, “Because God loves it. He loves to hear you talk to Him.”

That’s an amazing thought, and it may even sound like exaggeration, until you check out today’s reading (Psalm 148 & 149) and especially, “For the Lord takes delight in His people.”

I also love how we’re told that we should “sing for joy in our beds.” It’s like we’re so overjoyed about God we wake up with a song about Him in our mouths. I want to get to that!

And it’s cool how Psalm 148 presents the whole of creation as this huge choir singing praise to God and it’s like, “Do you really want to miss out on being part of that chorus?”