Can You Hear Me Now?

Recently my 8-year-old daughter sat everyone down for a family meeting. She had some rules she wanted to start enforcing. (She thinks she’s in charge of … well, everything and everyone.) One rule was that we could no longer shout to each other from different floors of the house.

I couldn’t agree more. It is wildly frustrating to have someone speaking to you, but not be able to hear their voice. What’s worse is when you’re speaking and the other person can’t hear you.

In both of the psalms for today’s reading (141 & 142) there are repeated requests for God to hear our voices as we call out to Him. And it can feel like God is on a different floor, so I understand. But the good news is that God is close, has great hearing, and is quick to listen when we cry out to Him. Which means the real question is isn’t whether He hears our voice, but are we crying out to Him?