Family Dream Session

This afternoon we are having the first ever “Antonucci Family Dream Session.”

We’re gonna talk through our six family core values and our family culture. We’re gonna evaluate our family’s 2009, and dream about what 2010 should look like. And, yes, I created some worksheets. Just some fun and probing questions I hope will get us thinking and talking, and make us able to record what we decide for future reference.

I also have some questions just for my kids (“How do you think God has gifted you?” “At this point in your life, to what careers do you think God might be calling you?” etc., etc.) that, as we do this every year may give them some guidance, and it will also be cool when they’re adults to be able to look back at what they were thinking when they were like 10 and 8.

This could be really fun … or a disaster.