Justice For The Poor

Today’s reading (Proverbs 29) mentions (a few times) the idea of caring for justice for the poor. And I know that. I know I’m supposed to care about justice for the poor, and I realize there are a few books about how I can do that, but still I think most of us feel at a loss about this. We feel too isolated and impotent to do anything. But there is something you can do.

The day before Christmas we found out that our garbage would be picked up on Christmas day. I thought, “Wow, that sucks. Those poor garbage men can’t be with their families on Christmas morning, because they have to pick up my trash.” And so our family decided to make Christmas cookies to give to the garbage men when they showed up on Christmas morning.

Is that bringing justice to the poor? Well, I don’t know about that. But it did make that guy’s bad morning a little brighter. And you can do this kind of thing too. The opportunities are endless. And, by the way, this is what I like to call guerrilla love.