Lamb Following

As with just about every chapter in Revelation, today’s reading (Revelation 14) has a lot going on, and some of it is intimidating, and some confusing. And if that happens to you, know that it’s not necessarily bad to be intimidated by the Bible, or confused – and that there are ways to clear up much of your confusion.

But I also suggest finding something that isn’t confusing. Finding something where you can say, “Okay, I definitely know what that means, and I can apply it to my life immediately.” Maybe that verse today is, “They follow the Lamb wherever He goes.” When Jesus was on earth, what He asked of people is for them to follow Him. And in this glimpse we get of Heaven, we see that the people there are … following Jesus. Makes ya think that following Jesus might be kind of a big deal.

I was interviewed a month ago and one of the topics was what it means to follow Jesus. If you want to think about this more, you can check out the video here.