In the first seven chapters of Revelation we get a picture of Heaven that is kind of noisy. There is singing, and speaking, and music. But then at the beginning of Revelation 8 there is a half hour of silence, and coming out of all that noise, I bet the silence was deafening.

Our lives are filled with noise; work and TV and conversations and commercials and radios and car horns and you name it. And it’s difficult to escape the noise, but we need to because it’s only then that we can really focus on talking to God, and hearing His quiet voice. And I think we know that’s valuable for us, but what’s amazing to me in today’s reading (Revelation 8) is seeing how valuable that time is to God. We see that God keeps our prayers in bowls like incense to be offered up in worship to Him. Kind of weird and mysterious, but it gives me the idea that us getting away from the noise to worship and pray and listen to God is a really big deal to Him.

So … have you done that today? Planning on it for tomorrow?