Not Hiring … Yet

As we approach the public launch of our church in a couple months, I find myself repeatedly wishing that we had a Creative Arts Pastor. We’ve got a few people on our team with some skills to volunteer in the Creative Arts Ministry, but it would be huge to have someone to lead those volunteers, and to fill in the gaps we’re missing.

Unfortunately, we can’t afford to hire that person now. But if we get off to a bigger start than I’m projecting, we would use the additional offerings to create a salary for this position. Obviously, I don’t know if that will happen. We may never be able to hire a Creative Arts Pastor, or may be able to hire someone part-time sometime, or may be able to hire someone full-time right away.

We have to wait and see to actually do the hiring, but I realized we could at least get the process started now, just in case. So I’m going to start taking resumes and calling references from interested people – with the understanding that they’re applying for a position that may never exist.

Ideally, we would be looking for someone who can do most (or hopefully) all of the following:

  1. Can lead worship. (Think rocking music, somewhere in The Fray – Matchbox 20 – Needtobreathe – Foo Fighters – Linkin Park spectrum.)
  2. Can edit video. We’ll be pretty video heavy and would like someone with real skills.
  3. Can do graphic design projects.
  4. Can do web site/social networking kind of stuff.
  5. Can lead people. Ultimately we want our staff members not doing tasks, but recruiting and training and coaching and encouraging volunteers who do the tasks.
  6. Is truly passionate about connecting with and reaching lost people.
  7. Has a sense of humor.

If you know that person, could you tell him/her about this? (Or maybe you are the person?) We’d love to start praying and dialoguing and see where it might lead, just in case…