Only In Vegas

I need to start getting used to the “only in Vegas” conversations. Like yesterday after one of the services at Central a nice lady came up to me telling me how much my message had impacted her, and how grateful she was that her daughter got to hear it.

Then she said, “Donny was right. I needed to be here. He may be a Mormon, but he does know the Bible, and he was right, I needed to be here.” I said, “Donny?” “Yeah,” she replied, “Donny was so right.” I asked, “Donny … Osmond?” She nodded her head, “Yeah, Donny Osmond.”

She explained the how and why of Donny, and the conversation went on for awhile, and it was cool, but when you start out with Donny Osmond … well, like I said, I’ve just got to get used to that stuff.