Weird Crap

Today’s reading (Revelation 10) has some crazy stuff going on. Like this angel, who is big enough to be robed in a cloud and to plant one foot on land and one on the sea is holding a little scroll. And John, the author, is told to go and take it from him. I think I’d be like, “YOU take it from him!”

So John goes up, but rather than just taking it, asks if he can have it. The angel doesn’t say no, but he doesn’t say yes. He says, “You have to EAT it.” I’m sure John was thinking, “Seriously, I have to eat the scroll?” But he was being told by a mighty angel, so he stuffed his mouth with it. And, of course, it gives him diarrhea.

And I’ve got to tell you that I’m not comfortable with any of this but as we’re told in verse 7, there’s a mystery of God, and I am comfortable with God, so I choose to trust Him, even with all this weird crap I can’t understand.