Winning Isn’t Everything, It’s the Only Thing

So today’s reading (Revelation 17) is one of those chapters in Revelation where there is all kinds of strange sounding stuff going on, and people debate the meaning. Some say this all refers to something that has already happened, others to something that will happen, and still others claim it’s merely symbolic.

Instead of joining the debate, I would look for something I can be sure of, and for me it’s verse 14: In the end, Jesus wins, and you win if you’re with Him. Whatever this chapter means exactly, and whenever these things happen, and no matter what’s going on in our world or in our lives – even if it seems really bad and beyond hope, we can be sure that in the end Jesus wins, and we’ll win if we’re with Him.

And that’s encouraging, because (to use Vince Lombardi’s famous quote), winning isn’t everything, but in the end, it may just feel like the only thing.