Fav Band By Decade

With the decade just ended, I started thinking about some of my favorites, by decade. I was too little in the 70’s to care, but I thought this week I’d share a few of my favs by decade. These are who I would have said my favorites were from that decade if you had asked me at the end of each decade. So….

Fav Bands of 80’s

  1. Judas Priest
  2. Queensryche
  3. Metallica
  4. Hon. Mention: Suicidal Tendencies, Peter Gabriel

Fav Bands of 90’s

  1. Counting Crows
  2. Dave Matthews Band
  3. Bare Naked Ladies
  4. Hon. Mention: Smashing Pumpkins, King’s X, Matchbox 20, Foo Fighters

Fav Bands of 00’s

  1. Snow Patrol
  2. Jack’s Mannequin
  3. The Almost
  4. Hon. Mention: Linkin Park, The Fray, Kanye West, Lifehouse

BTW: Fav Christian Bands

  1. Needtobreathe
  2. Tenth Avenue North
  3. Caedman’s Call
  4. Hon. Mention: David Crowder Band, Foolish Things, Rich Mullins

What were some of your favorite bands of those decades??