Las Vegas Learnings # 2: De-Sensitized

Doing a few posts on some of my observations about Las Vegas, after a year of living here. A couple days ago I mentioned the “inappropriateness” of a lot of what happens here. But what’s more fascinating is how that becomes normal. It’s like people get desensitized to it.

And so what starts on the Strip makes its way into the suburb. What starts in the Strip Club makes its way into the Night Club, and then into Sam’s Club. (Okay, maybe not Sam’s Club, but I was on a roll.)

But seriously … this year I went to a stand-up comedy show, and they had strippers between the comedians. I went to a fundraiser for local food banks, and they had girls dancing in their underwear on platforms.

It’s like, in a city that prides itself on sin, sin quickly becomes the norm.