Las Vegas Learnings # 3: Community-Less

Sharing some observations from now living a year in Vegas…

I’ve mentioned this before, but the lack of community in Vegas is actually a little startling. People don’t know their neighbors, don’t even say hi, something like a block party is unheard of.

I’ve tried to figure out why. Maybe it’s because so many people aren’t from here, so very few feel like it’s their home to offer hospitality for? Or maybe it’s that not many people plan on staying here (it’s very common to move here to make money, with the plan of leaving quick) and so why bother to make friends? Maybe some live in hiding because of shame? Maybe it’s the type of person who moves to Vegas?

I don’t know, but I do know that what the lack of community presents for the church is … opportunity. God designed us to live in community, He put that in each one of us, and so if it’s lacking, somewhere inside we recognize that and long for it.