Las Vegas Learnings # 4: Non-Competitive Churches

So I’ve been sharing some of the things I’ve observed in my year in Vegas, and one of them is that churches and pastors seem less territorial and competitive here than anywhere else I’ve been. Of course churches should never be territorial, and many aren’t, but you always find some (too many) who seem to be more focused on building their kingdom than God’s.

I haven’t found that in Vegas. It’s not that I’ve seen amazing church collaboration, but it does seem like churches aren’t worried about each other, or who might be getting people.

Not sure, but I think the reason is that when you’re in Sin City, and when only 9% of people go to church, leaving 1.8 million who don’t, it starts to feel like, “We need all the help we can get. There’s more than enough people to go around. No one is going to dominate this market. In fact, all of us together can’t dominate this market.”

Which, by the way, is NOT the right reason to be cooperative, but it’s still better than being competitive.