Las Vegas Learnings #5: Church Hopping

So here’s one of the strangest things I’ve noticed in Vegas… I am familiar with serial church “shoppers” – someone who goes to a church for a few months or years, and then decides there’s a better church for them, attends that one for awhile, then moves on to another.

But there’s something in Vegas with which I’m unfamiliar. I’ve met a lot of people who attend Church A, AND Church B, AND Church C. Depending on the week, or depending on their mood, or the sermon topic, they’ll attend one of several churches, all of which they kind of consider “their church.”

Honestly, this pretty much freaks me out, and feels kind of gross to me. I realize we’re all The Church, but still this just feels extremely consumeristic, and like it would almost certainly cut down on the potential for serving, being discipled, accountability.

I’m just praying we don’t get on any of these people’s church route. I want non-Christians, and Christians with missionary hearts who are passionate about Jesus and the vision of Verve. And that’s it. (Please.)