One Year Later

One year ago today was my last Sunday at Forefront Church. We had spent the previous week trying to spend lots of time with friends. That morning I co-preached the message with Jason, who was taking my place as pastor. That night we stayed at a hotel down at the beach, got up early the next morning, and started driving across the country to Vegas.

Without question that was one of my saddest, and most intense, and most surreal days ever. I was a part of starting the church twelve years earlier. I had invested 50 to 80 hours of my time in it just about every week for those twelve years. I had given it my heart, mind, soul. And I realized it would now be a part of my past. Memories.

I couldn’t picture life without Forefront, but God has gracefully ushered me into the next phase of life and ministry. But that takes nothing away from my time at Forefront. It was the best 12 years of my life. By far. And I cherish all the experiences, and especially all the people God put in my life there.

Okay, sappiest post ever. Gotta go get a tissue.