The Bible in 2010

So I went into last year realizing that I was about to move to Vegas, that a bunch of people were going to move there to be a part of Verve with us, but that we would all spend a big chunk of the year living in separate parts of the country.

I tried to think of different ways to keep us connected, especially spiritually, and one idea I had was that maybe we could read the same thing in the Bible everyday. So I put together a reading plan that would have us go through the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. And each morning I posted a thought I had from that day’s reading.

And a bunch of people, even outside the Verve Launch Team, joined me in doing that reading plan. It’s been really cool to see your comments and receive your e-mails about how helpful it’s been for you. So thanks for doing that with me!

Though I’ll keep reading the Bible everyday, I’ve decided not to post my daily thought in 2010. I may do it again next year. We’ll see. But I want to encourage you to read the Bible everyday in 2010 (and I think it helps to have a plan) (if you need a plan, check this out). Not because it’s the religious thing to do, but because it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself. So … just do it.