The Week In Brief(s) (1/24/10)

Every Sunday I’m sharing a recap on some of what happened that week. It will be quick (in brief) and I’ll write in my underwear (in briefs). Here ya go:

1. Last weekend at our Launch Team meetings we talked about destroying religion, so we can establish a real relationship with God. Had several first time people, which was cool.

2. Met with the guy who is going to be overseeing our bands to talk through the standards we’re gonna have for our musicians.

3. Met with Kevin Odor, the pastor of Canyon Ridge Christian Church in North Vegas. Love meeting with him, the guy oozes wisdom.

4. Met with a new guy on our team who is a technological genius and is willing to help us with sound, lights, computers, phones, etc., etc. Thank you God.

5. Had a phone call with my agent about the concept for my third book. I think it’s gonna be great. My second book, Guerrilla Lovers, comes out in a week!

6. Wednesday night I went to a party for 100 of the most interesting and influential people in Las Vegas. Yes, I was one of the 100, and yes, that’s hysterical. The guy who threw it is a Christian and wanted me to connect with people. The party was at … Hugh Hefner’s private villa in the Playboy Club on the roof of the Palms Casino. (Even more hysterical!)

7. Had a meeting to talk through “Micro Groups” – the small (3 people) accountability/ discipleship groups we hope to have many of at Verve.

8. Met with a guy who has been coming for a few weeks, and who told me that he and his wife … want to get baptized! Looks like Verve’s first baptisms are about to happen!

9. Met with another guy who is a self-described atheist. We talked for almost two hours and it went really great.

10. Demolition started on our warehouse space!


1. As construction starts on our warehouse space, please pray that things go very quickly, and that everything stays on budget. (Actually, coming in under budget would be nice.) (Pray that we can get some things donated.)

2. I’ve got some big meetings this week, including one with a Vice President of a big casino.

3. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything going on and all that’s to come in the next two months. Please pray that God gives me lots of energy and a little rest. Thanks.