I hate to do this, because I realize I did that whole Verve Venture Capitalist Campaign, and so many of you were so great, and I don’t want to keep presenting needs. But just in case someone’s about to get a tax return, or an inheritance, or hit the lottery, or rob a bank – and feels called to help us, here are a few needs…

  • A month of Facebook Ads. Approx. Cost: $500.
  • We can’t afford projector/screen for our Children’s Ministry room, so the plan is to buy a TV (or two) and rolling cart(s). Approx. Cost: $1,000
  • A video switcher scaler. Cost: $1,000
  • An alarm system for our building. Cost: $3,000
  • The plan is to have the kids sit on the (concrete) floor, but we’d love to be able to buy chairs for them to sit in. Cost: $3,000
  • The lighting we should get costs more than we can afford. Cost: $4,000
  • We can only afford one, but hope to get four more wireless mic’s. Cost: $4,000
  • We can only afford one, but wanted to have two projectors/screens for our adult auditorium. Cost: $4,000
  • We wanted to rent the billboard in front of our building (and on the highway!) but it’s way above what we can afford. Cost: $8,000

If you’re interested in helping us out with any of these items, you can e-mail me, or you can give to us online at our church web site (look for “online giving” under the “Verve Serves” tab).