Play It Dangerous

This week at our Launch Team Meetings we’re talking about taking risks. That God has never called His people to play it safe, so we’re going to play it dangerous.

Verve has been birthed in risk. About 16 adults moved from all over the country, giving up good jobs, homes, and friends, to go to a place we’ve never lived, to start a church we don’t know if it will work.

We’ve already taken a bunch of risks – committing to a two year lease for a warehouse space, starting our church with three services, and more. And the one thing I know is … the risks will continue. The Bible tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God, and faith IS risk. And we’ll do whatever it is we believe God is calling us to do, even if it seems dumb and we have to face down our fear to move in that direction. We’ve committed to avoid safety and instead play it dangerous.