Recording Today

Going in today to record two radio commercials. I’ve recorded maybe 30 or 40 in Virginia Beach, but this is my first time in Vegas.

When we got here I was thinking that I might use basically the same ad as we did at Forefront. Then I met with two radio reps here. They were trying to understand what kind of ads we might do for Verve and I asked, “Well, do you want to hear a couple ads I’ve done in the past?” They said sure, so I played one. As soon as it finished they said, “Do that!” I was like, “What?” They said, “That is awesome. That will totally work here. You’ve got to use that!” I figure they know the people who listen to their stations (and who we’re trying to connect with) better than I do, so I obeyed.

If you’re local and are wondering what stations our ads will play on, it will be 94.1, 107.9, 98.5, and 107.5.