Stand Up … and Get Out

Most of you know that in addition to starting a brand new church for the people who work on and live around the Las Vegas Strip, I’ve also been trying my hand at stand-up comedy. It began with open mic nights, and then last month I was asked to audition for a professional comedy troupe, and was chosen. Last week was my first time performing as a real comedian in a real Vegas show. Tonight will be my second.

What you don’t know is that I’m also using this as an opportunity to check out the sin side of Sin City. The comedy show ends around 11:30. Every Thursday night I’m bringing a friend, and after the show we’re going out to talk to … prostitutes, drug dealers, people in nightclubs and casinos, waitresses, pimps, you name it. It will be interesting, and hopefully we’ll able to ambush some people with guerrilla love. Please pray for us!