The Week In Brief(s) (2/28/10)

Every Sunday I’m sharing a recap on some of what happened that week. It will be quick (in brief) and I’ll write in my underwear (in briefs). Here ya go:

1. Things are really hectic and overwhelming right now. Honestly, most days I’m working till about midnight. Then I get up at 6, spend about an hour with God, and start working again at 7:00. I don’t say that like I’m proud of it, I say that like, “This sucks.”

2. Starting a church and doing a building project at the same time … too much. But I feel like none of this was my idea, that God led us down this path, so I’m trusting that it will all be worth it.

3. We are racing to get construction done, and then painting and all the aesthetics, and all the equipment and gear. There are constant updates, questions, decisions, payments…

4. Our Launch Team is doing the clean-up at the construction site, and bringing snacks or cases of water for the construction workers everyday. Sometimes we even bring them lunch or dinner. Trying to be guerrilla lovers.

5. Our sound equipment is starting to arrive.

6. We are busy designing and ordering all of our signs – indoor, parking, street signs.

7. We’re also getting our videos done for our first service – which is now only 2 weeks away!!

8. Ordered our internet and phone and TV service this week. Why get TV? Because we’re planning on having Super Bowl and World Series and Academy Awards and all kinds of other parties.

9. Worked on our press release for the newspaper.

10. Recorded our radio ads.

11. Trying to figure out what we’re gonna baptize people in.

12. Met with a company who does exterior electric signs, they’re designing some stuff for us and are going to give us a price quote.

13. We designed the template for the E-mail Newsletter we’re gonna send out starting after our first week.

14. Ordered our communion trays, and looking for what we’re going to use for the offering.

15. Still working on the class we’re gonna call “Verge” – for people who are not-yet or new Christians.

16. Lots of coordinating with churches that are sending Mission Teams and who are donating stuff to us.


1. Please pray that construction finishes up and (especially) that we immediately get our Certificate of Occupancy from the county.

2. We have a Mission Team coming to town this week, and then like five the week after. Please pray that these teams do great, have an awesome time, and are a really big help to us.

3. On Thursday we’ll start hitting homes with our door hangers inviting them to our Grand Opening, then a few days after that all of our marketing goes into full force. Please pray that it appeals to people who need to be at Verve.